The NeuroLife Suit is a patented FDA cleared medical device that will help you regain freedom and independence by helping you perform all your movements with ease, mobility, speed  and confidence.

The NeuroLife Suit is an advanced technology exoskeleton system that uses task specific resistance and compression to produce positive movement results that are generally seen and felt in a matter if minutes. 

The NeuroLife Suit is the industry's ONLY full-body suit incorporating patented resistance compression technology. 


As an FDA Class I medical device, the NeuroLife Suit provides an unparalleled ability to improve functional strength and performance outcomes. 




There is mounting evidence of the value of task-specific training as a neuromotor intervention in neurological rehabilitation. The evidence is founded in the psychology of motor skill learning and in the neuroscience of experience-dependent and learning-dependent neural plastic changes in the brains of animals and humans. Further, there is growing empirical evidence for the effectiveness of task-specific training in rehabilitation and for neural plastic changes following task-specific training in the context of rehabilitation.


The NeuroLife Suit is the only product available today that, when incorporated into physical rehabilitation allows you to more aggressively train the specific muscle tendon units required to dramatically increase the rate of motor skill recovery.


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