The NeuroLife Suit is a patented, FDA registered, non-invasive, one size fits all exoskeleton (an external skeleton that supports and protects the body) suit. The suit creates hyper-gravity through the use of  compression and a balanced resistance system that treats mobility difficulties as  well as balance and postural control issues.


Whether it’s stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or other central nervous system disorders, freedom, function and mobility are now within reach. Best of all, results can be seen in a matter of minutes. This validates the therapy and immediately gives the patient both hope and confidence.


The NeuroLife Suit is a patented FDA cleared  non-invasive, balanced medical device that will help you regain freedom and independence. It will help you perform all body movements with greater ease, mobility, speed and confidence while correcting postural and balance control issues.

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Regain your function and your freedom. Transform your life with the latest state of the art movement enhancer - The NeuroLife Suit.

Curious if the NeuroLife Suit will work for you ?

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